How do I Migrate From Google Apps Mailboxes to Office 365?

Google Apps also known as G Suite and Office 365 both provides cloud-based services to users. As they are leaders amongst cloud service providers, users often switch between these two. When someone switches to Office 365 from G Suite, they have to migrate from Google Apps Mailboxes to Office 365 account. If you’re planning to transfer from G suite to Office 365 then, you must know the safe techniques to do so. In this blog we will reveal the best techniques on how to perform Google Apps to Office 365 migration.

Why Migrating from G Suite to Office 365?

  • Better price-performance than G Suite
  • Provides more familiar applications
  • File recovery option
  • Capable of offline file access
  • Protection from Security and threat
  • Integrated with both mobile and desktop
  • Renders increased privacy for organisation

Techniques to Migrate From Google Apps Mailboxes to Office 365

Depending on your size and budget, you have two options: manual and third-party tool. If you don’t have the huge amount of data and have technical expertise then, you can easily go for manual method but, it won’t migrate contacts or calendars.

Quick and Reliable Method to Transfer From G suite to Office 365

For a hassle free migration, it is better to use SysTools G Suite to Office 365 Migration tool. This automated solution to move google apps to Office 365 will help you in exporting mailboxes including emails, contacts, documents, attached files, calendars.

Follow the below mentioned method to migrate from Google Apps Mailboxes to Office 365 step by step:

Step 1: Launch and Install the migration tool.

Step 2: Once the tool is successfully installed, open and select the migration type. You can migrate either single user or multiple user data into the Office 365 mailboxes.

Select source and destination

Step 3: Login to the G Suite account. For single users, provide the email address and click on Register button. If you have multiple users then, you need to provide the list of users through CSV file.

Login to G suite

Step 4: Select the users and provide the credentials to them.

Step 5: Select the category that you want to migrate and also apply the filters, if necessary.

Apply filters

Step 6: This utility also provides the user mapping facility, after that click export.

Manually Migrate from Google Apps Mailboxes to Office 365

Step 1: Ensure that the Domain is your Own Domain

The user must verify that the domain he is using is his own domain. Domain verification is a process that is performed during Office 36 configuration.

Step 2: Add the users to Office 365 Account

The admin user can add one or more users at the same time. When adding the user, you must assign the license. Each user must have a mailbox before migrating to Office 365 from G Suite.

Step 3: Create every Gmail Mailbox List to Move Google Apps to Office 365

Before starting the migration, you must create a list of mailboxes that you need to migrate. The easiest way to create the migration list using an Excel sheet. In addition, you can assign a temporary password to users. Follow the steps to create the list.

  • Sign in to G Suite Admin console.
  • Select the users that you have to migrate and note their mail id.
  • Then, sign in to Office 365 Admin center and go to Users > Active users.
  • Open an Excel sheet and enter the user credentials such as email address, user name & password and save the file as CSV.

Step 4: Connect MS Office 365 to Gmail Account

For the migration process, you must establish a connection between Office 365 and G Suite. For this purpose, Office 365 uses it to create a migration endpoint.

  • Open Exchange Admin Center and select Recipient > Migration > Migration Endpoints.
  • Select ‘New +’ to add the migration endpoint.
  • In the new page choose IMAP as the migration endpoint type.
  • Keep default settings and enter ‘’ as the IMAP server on the IMAP migration configuration page.
  • Select Next and on the Enter general information page insert the endpoint name.

Step 5: Create migration in bulk and start Gmail mailbox migration

Follow the below mentioned step to Migrate From Google Apps Mailboxes to Office 365 in batch.

  • Open Office 365 Admin center and go to Admin Centers and then to Exchange.
  • From the Exchange Admin center go to Recipient > Migration to transfer from G suite to Office 365.
  • Select New(+) and after that migrate to Exchange Online.
  • Choose IMAP migration configuration then click on Next.
  • Browse the CSV file that you have created user’s screen and go to Next.
  • After validation Office 365 will show Gmail mailboxes then, click on Next.
  • Continue with default IMAP values in the configuration window.
  • In the Move configuration page enter the migration batch name.
  • Lastly, provide the required information in the Start the batch page & start the migration process.

Step 6: Update the DNS record in order to transfer Gmail to Outlook 365

  • Go to the Admin Center and select Settings.
  • After that, click on the Domain and select your domain name.
  • Finally, it will show the Setup completion notification.

Limitations of the Manual

The first and the biggest disadvantage of manual method is that it takes a lot of time. Also, the user should be technically good enough to perform the entire steps carefully to move google apps to Office 365. There is a high chances of data loss and once the data is lost then, it can’t be retrieved.

Last Words

In the article above, we have discussed both the manual and automated method to migrate from Google Apps Mailboxes to Office 365. Now, it depends on your need to choose the best method in order to transfer from G suite to Office 365 account.



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