OnePlus 7 is Going to be Awesome! Do You Know This?

“Are you looking for an Android smartphone that is above your expectations? Kudos! You land at the perfect place. Today, we are going to reveal the ideal smartphone named OnePlus 7. Just go thoroughly to the complete write-up to know OnePlus 7 price, design and much more. Let’s get started.”

Eye-Catching Features & Functionalities

While the OnePlus 7 news and gossips are flying hither-thither, we decided to compile them in this flawless post. Mainly, the OnePlus 7 may have actually manufactured the finest smartphone of the year. Despite that, it consists of some salient features and functionalities. Here, in this segment, we will be going to discuss the same. Let’s take a glance look:


These days, OnePlus 7 is prominently utilized smartphone all over the globe. Chiefly, it is a first OnePlus device to feature an in-glass fingerprint sensor. But, there are end number of users who are still ignorant of the fact i.e., this device much better in terms of speaker quality and placement of OnePlus 6. So, this time almost every smartphone user expect OnePlus to offer a stereo speaker setup. Moreover, OnePlus 7 will preserve a 3.5mm headphone jack.


From a long time, there have been speculations comes out that OnePlus 7 edition would be the Chinese vendor’s foremost phone to support 5G connectivity. Mainly, OnePlus mobile phone’s co-founder Carl Pei has to announce through media that the company would launch its first 5G smartphone next year with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X50 modem. After that, the media awaited it to be 2019 OnePlus 7. And as it turns out, the OnePlus 7 launch without 5G support.

Henceforth, this new device will also represent a new gadget category. So, in our genius mind, it will offer users a strong stimulus to not upgrade or purchase the OnePlus 7 mobile. Rather wait for a gadget with 5G connectivity. Alternatively, this smartphone will launch in early 2019. Thus, the OnePlus will find adopting to 5G quite effortlessly given the company’s partnership with Qualcomm Snapdragon and T-Mobile.


A few months ago the company’s CEO Pete Lau has endorsed that OnePlus will launch a 5G  smartphone next year, which does not integrate with any kind of compatibility issues. It will extendedly support 5G technology. Mainly, it will clearly point towards the OnePlus 7 phone. Therefore, OnePlus 7 might permit 5G connectivity. It might be the second standardized smartphone that offers a 5G network and connectivity. The prime one being Mi Mix 3.


Almost everyone knows that the OnePlus provides the best internals availability at the time of launching their flagship smartphones. Accordingly, OnePlus 7 phone might be powered by the unreleased Snapdragon 855 processor. Moreover, this processor will be an extensive upgrade to the Snapdragon 845 both in terms of enhanced performance and efficiency. However, the smartphone will facilitate a maximum of 8GB RAM coupled with 256GB of storage. Thus, a reliable source even recommends that OnePlus may reintroduce the MicroSD card slot. 

Costing & Availability

As we all know already that, the 5G phone should cost $200 to $300 which is more than the OnePlus 6T, and it starts at $550 in the US. Thus, the OnePlus would make a handset, not for the sake of marketing or sales, but to make sure that it’s in the limelight of 5G technology. When we are talking about worth so, it will become a fruitful choice for those users who are searching for a smartphone for photography purpose. Because its camera minutiae vary also like it could sport dual rear 20mp and a 16 or 20mp front camera. listed the functionalities i.e., the notch might escape along with peeking for face unlock, gesture unlocks, possible fingerprint reader and a release date in June 2019. Afterward, to know more just, check-out Android Leo YouTube Concept clip of the sleek 5G OnePlus 7 smartphone.

Time to Sum Up

Ultimately, we found that OnePlus is professedly planning to release three flagship devices in 2019. Basically, it is confirmed by the company itself such as its 5G-enabled smartphone is coming soon. But, it will not be the OnePlus 7, it’s a separate phone exclusively. However, it is confirmed that the OnePlus 7 is coming and the company plans to stick to its release cycle. Moreover, OnePlus will almost assuredly elect to release the OnePlus 7T at the end of next year as well. Hence, all those three cell phones are expected to comprise the Snapdragon 855, because the OnePlus 7 will not support 5G. And there are high chances that the OnePlus 7T will not either. Subsequently, it’s too early to tell anything. So, the company also said that it will surely release a smaller mobile phone in the future. But, there are no chances that it will happen in the year 2019.



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