Top 5 Most Haunted Places Around The World

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Today! We have come up with the list of top 5 most haunted places in the world. Here, we will be going to disclose the world’s scariest, creepiest haunted places which you should know. Mainly, this list is for those who are adventurous and having faith in paranormal activities. So, let’s get started

#1: The Whaley House

Chiefly, The Whaley House, USA is said to be the scariest & haunted place around the world. If you want to explore and find ghosts so, it is a perfect place you. Because, it is observed by many visitors that ghosts inhabit the home involving a young girl, a thief and the young red-headed Whaley, daughter. These are claimed to be appearing in such a realistic manner. Though, tourist thinks these are real and it scares you too much.

Know More About The Whaley House?

The Whaley house is an 1857 revival types residence. It is a California Historical Landmark and museum which is situated in Old Town, San Diego, California. The Whaley House has been listed in many historical documentaries together with an immense variety of paranormal activities.

The Thomas Whaley and his family were lived in Whaley House. However, the house was built on a burial ground. Often times, it also housed San Diego second country courthouse and Whaley’s general store, and the initial commercial theater in San Diego. Moreover, this house has witnessed more history than as compare to other buildings in the city.

#2: Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery

This place is named as Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery and the grove is infamous for its legends, unearthly reputation, and stories. Basically, it has been coming under one of the most haunted places in the world. As per the profound research, we could easily say that this haunted place is a more beautiful and dignified version of Shutter Island. It is definitely one of the most haunted places around the world. However, it is completely off-limits for the visitors but, do not worry, you can still cherish it while taking a boat ride in Italy. We know, the story is controversial and scary, because it is not about a specific building, but an entire island of death.

Primarily, there have been no precise burials for many years. And as a place of rest for the departed, it is extendedly forgotten. But, if you ask any ghost hunter so, just go there to find a haunting. Bachelor’s Grove takes the first place in Chicago to be mentioned as most haunted places. 

Alternatively, on the edge of the forest, there is a small graveyard that many believe it might be the most haunted place in the region. The name of this cemetery is Bachelor’s Grove and this crumbling burial ground might be infested with more ghosts than we can imagine.  From a very long time, this place has been cursed with more than 100 documented article of paranormal phenomena.

#3: Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan

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India is not only known for its variety of foods and beautiful culture. But, also having some paranormal places. One of them is Bhangarh fort which is located in Rajasthan. It comes under the most haunted forts in India. Mainly, visitors are not permissible to visit the fort before sunrise and after sunset. Because many paranormal activities are confronted by the visitors of the fort. Hence, people feel that someone is there in the fort and doing those paranormal things.

History of Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan, India

This is also known as Bhoot Bangla ‘The Fort of Ghosts’. Mainly, the Bhangarh Fort was a small city which is made up of gates and palaces, temples at the foot of a mountain before being forsaken around 1783. Nevertheless, there are two stories which explain the There are two stories that explain the consequence of Bhangarh. Primarily, a curse from a holy man who deprives the height of the buildings that are taller than his own. Once, a building cast a shadow over his own house so, he is said to have cursed the whole town. Another one is of a wizard who was insanely in love with the Princess of Bhangarh. Thus, when the princess hinders his streak to make her fall in love with him. Then, the bitter wizard put a curse on the complete city. Nowadays, it is said that anyone who enters in the city at night will never come back again and the paranormal activity is thought to be condensed around the Dancers Haveli which is also known as Dancers House and Jauhari Bazar

#4: New Orleans

The New Orleans is famous not only for being a vibrant place and sultry but also for being one of the most haunted places in the globe. It is the home of a widely-famous Queen of Voodoo, New Orleans, and Marie Laveau. It has plenty to facilitates in the way of cemetery and ghost tours, voodoo shops, museums, and fear-provoking narrative of vampires and demons.

Conclusively, it is one of the most haunted places in the United States. This city is a place where the dead also denies to take rest. In fact, there is no solid ground to grip them. Moreover, this place is famous for its practitioners of the mystical arts, from Voodoo queens to professed vampires and Wiccans, New Orleans sets the stage for all way of third eye explorations.

#5: Tower Of London

900 years ago, the Tower of London has earned the reputation of being one of the most haunted places in the UK.  Mainly, Thomas A. Becket is said to be one of the foremost ghosts has to be seen in the tower. Additionally, Arbella Stuart is one of the castle’s most famous ghosts. It is aforesaid that her ghost visit in The Queen’s House on Tower Green. As per the records, Arbella Stuart married the nephew of Lady Jane Grey named William Seymour. Basically, this marriage was thought of a threat. Because it did not have the endorsement of King James. Thus, the Arbella was put under house arrest in Lambeth while her husband William was sent to the tower. Subsequently, she lived over there until her death in 1615 in The Queen’s House. But, it is concluded that she was murdered in the castle.

Time to Verge

Ultimately, I am sure that many of you had goosebumps while reading this. Mainly, the paranormal investigators believe that spirits still stray the earth. So, we have compiled all the places in this flawless blog. It is all about the most haunted places in the world which we think is great for all those adventurous ones who want to examine and find ghosts. If you had experiences of ghost sighting in any of these places so, feel free to comment and share your reviews.



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