Top 7 Craziest Food Festivals Around The World – You Need to Experience

There are many foodie travelers who see a country through its food. Mainly, all of the foodie travelers explore different types of food in every destination they visit. Though, the tradition, ingredients, and rituals make a region unique as in the comparison of others. So, today! We are going to disclose the world’s most famous top 7 craziest food festivals which everyone needs to experience once in their lives. However, it’s time to let your unconditional love for food do the talking and ditch all useless diet goals. With every carnival topping the other and offering something special, they are nothing less than a heaven for foodies around the globe. So, simply scroll down to know about how much full all you foodies have been missing out around the universe. Moreover, from the list mentioned below, you should shortlist the ones you will be visiting this year. Let’s get started:

List of Top 7 Food Festivals In The World

Here, we will be going to disclose some of the world’s most popular food festivals that should be on every travel foodies bucket list:

Salon Du Chocolat – (Paris)

This is an international chocolate industry’s annual trade fair for all chocolate lovers all over the world. Every year over 500+ participants from 60 countries (consisting more than 200 famous chefs and patissiers) takes part in this fabulous fair. To enjoy the festivals, visitors can go for chocolate tasting, book signing, attend pastry workshops, and so on.

Despite that, chocolate samples from five continents, the food festivals also furnishes multiple unique events such as chocolate sculpture contest, chocolate fashion show, live performance by high cocoa-producing countries. Moreover, you should visit once to know more about the taste of different chocolates at a single plate.

The PizzaFest Food Festival – (Italy)

This food festival is celebrated in every September by the city of Naples. They all come together to celebrate the most popular food-pizza festival. Though, during the whole week celebration, visitors get a gorgon various types of pizzas which also includes the traditional one like Margherita, Neopolitan, and Marinara.

Subsequently, visitors can also sign up for watching the competition between chefs who are competing with each other in the World Pizza-Making Championship, Pizza-Making workshops, etc., and enjoy the live entertainment.

National Cherry Food Festival – (Michigan)

Traverse City, Michigan, has been integrated with the cherry every since a Presbyterian missionary planted a cherry tree in 1852. Marvelously, the tree survived thrived and harsh winters without any hindrance. In today’s date, the Traverse City’s orchards supply three-quarters of American cherry crop and are recite this static with nonchalance. Visitors can enjoy the sight of cherries like they can fly into ton’s Cherry Capital Airport, get an amazing stay at the Cherry Tree Inn, or shout loudly their support for the girls’ rollerblade team, The Toxic Cherries.

Subsequently, after this kind of adoration of a specific fruit, it comes as no surprise that there is a week-long cherry celebration in July. Which offers many functions such as pie-baking contests, the crowning of a Cherry queen, pit-spitting competitions, and the Grand Cherry Parade.

Vegetarian Food Festival – (Thailand)

This is a festival which is celebrated by Thai people. Mainly, they are celebrating this fest continuous nine days. Basically, it is part of a general mind and body detoxification. Though, it is the biggest event occurs on the island of Phuket. Where the faithful hang lanterns outside temples and march through the whole streets by beating drums to keep away the evil spirits.

And the most impressive event happen at September/October because it is the sight of devotees deep in bathing in hot oil, trance walking on hot coals or getting piercing their body parts, etc. However, they seem immune to pain, because they believe that they are protected by their god. With many sight-blinding the eyes, it is simple to forget that the complete place goes veggie for nine days.

The National Street Food Festival – (India)

After hearing the name of this festival, we will sure it bring a smile on your face. Because this fest is specially programmed for all the street food lovers. Mainly, in this, you will the variety of food like savory chaat, tangy bhalle papdi, spicy and non-spicy gol gappe, oily chole kulcha, etc., there is no limitation to the kind of food, you can have on the streets of New Delhi. This festival is programmed every year, with all these fantastic street delicacies to JLN (Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium) to the delight of all foodie panda’s in the capital.

Herring Food Festival – (Denmark)

The herring food festival having a unique culture as in the comparison of others across the world. Every April, schools of herring swim into the Ringkobing Fjord in Denmark to spawn in its covered waters. Therefore, when you do, it’s party time for the fishermen.

Because for scores of people coming in the town to enjoy the fish-caked, fried, platters of pickled, baked herring, and filleted. Conclusively, you should not miss this one! Because there are not any other food festival in the world which serves this much delicious fish.

The Dumpling Food Festival – (Hong Kong)

Does it start mouth-watering when you hear about the juicy and steamy dumplings? If yes, so you are in the perfect place and this food festival is just for you only. When you visit this fest, you will get the savoring taste of glutinous rice with multiple several fillings wrapped in bamboo – zongzi dumplings, banana leaves or lotus on the 5th day of Chinese lunar month. Moreover, you can engulf yourself in a sea of dumplings and amazing hospitality of the Chinese people.

Time to Wrap Up

Above in this write-up, we emphasized the top 7 craziest food festivals across the globe you should need to experience. After knowing about the weird and interesting food festivals, which of these had you drooling? Don’t just pick only one! The single life you have only so, escape as many of these food events around the universe as you can. Moreover, if in case we missed out on any, so tell us in the comment section.



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