Top 8 World’s Most Expensive “Yachts” At A Single Platform

Today! In this write-up, you will get the guide to some of the world’s most expensive yachts. Mainly, luxury yachts are not basic vessels as they utilized to be in the past or it’s not just a mode of transformation, but it is a symbol of status and wealth. However, yachts can be only afforded by millionaires and billionaires of the universe because of their high prices which are in millions or billions. Despite that, contemporary yachts are basically furnishing with every modern convenience. So, that its owner becomes able to make vital decisions, check stock, and even manage an official meeting if required.

Moreover, as per the enriched safety & security, equipment, and technology executed in today’s luxurious yachts are prominently aimed to provide its owners comfort and a feeling of desire fulfillment. Because the most luxurious yachts worldwide facilitate extravagant functionalities such as movie helipads, theatres, concert halls, multiple swimming pools, saunas, and hot tubs. Hence, the tradition of trusting that yacht is a symbol of wealth did not quite disappear, in fact, it is a hot topic and keeping quite well. So, just get a quick look at the top 7 of the most expensive yachts around the world. 

The Platinum 525

Primarily, it was known as Platinum 525. It was built in 1996 by Jeff Borgia Prince Command of Brunei. The project was terminated unintentionally until the United Arab Emirates Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum ordered again. All in all, this yachts is known as the universe’s largest superyacht because of its size i.e., 525 feet. Moreover, it facilitates multiple functionalities which make your stay luxurious. One can enjoy their time with its amazing facilities like a swimming pool, spa, helipad, glass staircase and much more. All of these functionalities makes this yacht a floating city. Hence, we consider this as a first position in this list of most expensive Yachts in the world.

Al Said

Al Said is a superyacht which is owned by one of the members of the royal family of Oman. When we talk about it so, prime thought comes in mind i.e., it is the highest displacement superyacht in the globe with a dispersion of 15850 tons and a length of about 508.53 feet. This yacht has the ability to lodge nearly 70 guests along with 154 crew members and features a concert hall that can shelter a 50-piece orchestra.

Likewise, its construction was launched in 2007 and finished in 2008. So, it becomes the second largest yacht. As per the initial stages, it is called the Sunflower Project. Afterward, it is changed by its owner because it belongs to Sultan of Oman Kabbs Ben Said Al-Al. The yacht was equipped with an aluminum superstructure, plus 70 guests, but can also accommodate 154 crew members. This is in the second position in this list of most expensive Yachts in the world.

Al Mirqab

Al mirqab is one of the most expensive yachts which is owned by Qatar’s former Prime Minister named Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani. Al Mirqab, the superyacht had won the Motor Yacht of the Year award in 2009. This yachts is made up of steel and having 436.35 feet in length. It enjoys a speed of about 37.6 kmph and also features 10 large suites for guests, attached with a bathroom, a living room and a double bedroom. Besides this, Al Mirqab also offers a cinema, an indoor swimming pool, outdoor bars, jacuzzis, space to have a sunbath, a helipad along with a wide option of watersports equipment. With a whopping cost of 250 million dollars, it is listed as one of the most expensive Yachts.


The serene is superyacht which is currently owned by the billionaire Mohammed bin Salman. Mainly, it comes under one of the world’s largest superyachts. It is an Italian make luxury superyacht and it was built in August 2011. Basically, it was custom built in the Italian Shipyard by Fincantieri for the Russian Vodka tycoon Yuri Shefler. Did you know that Serene was leased by Bill Gates for 5 million dollars a week? However, Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia having first laid eyes on this gorgeous vessel while he is vacationing in France. Even though, he bought it for approximately 500 million Euros.

Chiefly, it was a private yacht which is owned by Nasser Al-Rashid, a Saudi billionaire. The prime reason behind the increase in the prices of a yacht is its unique name and other details made utilizing 24 karat gold. Conclusively, one can get all the facilities of this yacht. This is a true instance of spending quality time and experiences comfort and luxury living.

Any Idea About Luxurious Liner?

In order to, know about the luxurious liner. Mainly, it is owned by a UAE royalty-the Azzam, owned by Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nayan. Though, he is a president of the UAE and Emir of Abu Dhabi. Built by Lürssen Yachts, this vessel is rumored to be “the most complex and challenging yacht that has ever been built”. However, the most impressive feature of the yacht is not its price tag, nor extravagant interior, it’s its size. Because of its length of 180m. The Azzam prominently gets the first place as the largest private yacht around the world. Moreover, this superyacht is not only enormous but also quite fast,  reaching speeds of more than 35mph (30 knots).

Currently, this Dubai yacht is owned by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and ruler of the Emirate of Dubai, but originally it was a combined project between Blohm + Voss and Lurssen shipyards for Prince Jefri Bolkiah of Brunei. Thus, the boat introduced in 2006 more than 10 years after the project was primarily planned and it is currently the third largest yacht in the universe 162 meters long and accommodate more than 115 guests.


The Tatoosh

As in comparison with other, Tatoosh is the most expensive yachts. Mainly, it is a true instance of deluxe because it’s a luxury yacht owned by the co-founder of Microsoft Paul Allen. Therefore, tattoos are one of the two yachts owned by Paul Allen. Subsequently, tatoosh itself is a 303-foot yacht. It has following functionalities which makes it better like own theatre, swimming pool as well as helipad that large enough for 2 helicopters.

The Alysia

Alysia is known as the most luxurious charter yacht and most extravagant yachts too which are owned by Andreas Liveras. Basically, he is a businessman who put up in Greece. If you know the descriptive functionalities of this yacht so, it is 290 foot long and has a master stateroom that equipped by private deck, separate jacuzzi and king size bed. Most of all, it is the utmost lavish yachts because it has five decks and was constructed in 2006 by Neorion Shipyard. Furthermore, this yacht also furnished by a pair of scuba scooters, if you require to make an underwater liberation in this yacht

The Dilbar

Dilbar as a Yacht it is having a unique identity like it is an ultra-luxury superyacht built at the German Lurssen Shipyard which provides a speed of about 42 kmph. Basically, it is known to have been owned by Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov. Likewise, it features and framework has been supplanting from steel to an aluminum superstructure. It can easily accommodate up to 40 guests and more than 80 crew members. Dilbar is the superyacht which facilitates one of the most confined and classy swimming pool which is known to be the largest superyacht pool. It also has a specific filter for guest exhaust and a heliport which is enough to accommodate 20 to 47 guests.

Despite that, the yacht also provides two helipads and encompasses a living space that spans across 3,800 square meters.  Conclusively, the yacht was named after the mother of Russian oligarch Alisher Usmanov and examined as one of the largest boats around the globe. Initially, it was utilized by its billionaire owners for visiting exclusive islands.

The Pelorus

Pelorus was built in a very well known maker named Lurssen shipyard in Germany. It was launched in the year 2003. Chiefly, it was designed by the renowned yacht designer Tim Heywood. However, Pelorus was succinctly owned by a Saudi businessman. After some time he also sold it to the Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich the following year. Moreover, Abramovich got it altered & mutated as per his requirement by Blohm and Voss. That modification consisting of four new zero-speed stabilizers, an additional helipad, an upgraded exhaust system, a mast and stern, and much more.

The Rising Sun

As per the survey, it recognized that Rising Sun is the most expensive yachts with 453 feet yacht. Mainly, it was built by Germany’s Lürssen and alternatively, it was designed by the late Jon Bannenberg. Though, this most expensive yachts is co-owned by Larry Elisson ‘Oracle CEO’ and David Geffen. In this, you will get various functionalities such as Onyx countertops, Jacuzzi bathrooms, A gymnasium with spa and sauna. Besides, you can also get a private cinema and a luxury wine cellar on this yacht. The availability of total room on this yacht is 82 rooms.

Concluding Words

Here, in this write-up, we have discussed the world’s luxurious and expensive Yachts which is owned by several richest people across the globe. Just, go thoroughly to the complete blog to know more interesting facts and new things about the Yachts and their owner. Thus, after reading the entire post, feel free to share your valuable reviews. We gratifying your presence.




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