Why Users Switch to Office 365 – The Top 7 Reasons to Know

“If you also heard that people switching to Office 365 due to advanced upgradation. While it is a revolutionary concept in the universe of cloud computing and operating systems. But before switching to Microsoft’s popular productivity suite, there are a reasons to behind this. So, here in this write we are going to disclose the same. Let’s have a look.”

In this technical arena of cloud computing, there are various valid reasons for this statement. Cloud computing completely changed the way organizations manage their tasks and communication. It also enhance the productivity of the businesses and their employees too. Mainly, there are many availabilities of cloud-based office productivity suite. But MS Office 365 is considered is one of the best suites as compare to others. However, the considerable number of users switch to Office 365 continuously.

Just in case, you are in doubt, so read this complete blog to remove all of them for good. Today! We will going to talk about the top 7 reasons for your business to move to Office 365. Let’s get started.

#1 Cost Efficiency and Scalability

As we all that all businesses are prone to changing scale should select Office 365 for the maximum benefits, as it supports scalability. So, in the MS Office 365 plan, companies have to pay only as per their requirement and users. Though Microsoft offers multiple plans for the companies of various size so, they can choose according to their need. All in all, buying an O365 plan is more cost effective than purchasing the specific service offered by MS Office 365 separately.

#2 Support Multi-Device Synchronization

MS Office 365 can be accessed anytime and anywhere with the help of internet connectivity. This has been made possible because of O365 supports multiple devices accessibility. Whether it is a Desktop, Laptop, and Smartphone, Office 365 can be accessed from any of the device without any omission. However, the only prerequisite is the enlisting of respective device beforehand in that specific Office 365 account.

#3 24*7 Access Anytime From Anywhere

Businesses are not moderate within a fixed office compound anymore. Working from home or on the move has become quite a common phenomenon. Being a cloud-based productivity, MS Office 365 facilitates the prominent solution for this circumstance. Any users can access Office 365 services anytime from anywhere easily by adding heir exact credentials. Even, in Office 365 day ror night also does not matter as you can access any application any time without any hassle.

#4 Offline Editions of Web Programs

Almost every single user is aware that Office 365 is a cloud-based suite but there are many situations occurs when people do not get access to a stable Internet Connection. In such circumstances, O365 users will find the offline versions of Office 365 applications very helpful and handy too. Moreover, they can continue working on those offline programs as soon as they get internet connectivity. All the work done in offline mode will automatically get saved in the cloud. This is a beneficial thing about the cloud.

#5 Support Hassle-Free Migration

Microsoft facilitates a problem-free migration solutions or the users who require to migrate to Office 365 from any other suites. However, Office 365 also permits the special support for all migratory companies. Users can easily take help of the support team to manage their migration procedure properly. Even after completion of the migration process, a specialized expert team is extensively continue the support.

#6 Real-Time Association

In today’s date all businesses are standing upon collaboration. So, by doing a proficient collaborative effort from all the members of company or organization can reach the peak of success. Though applications include in Office 365 offer its users to work in real-time. For instance, many users can edit a document in O365 from various locations. Conclusively, in this way, the embracing productivity of a company increases.   

#7 Permits Smooth Communication inside or Outside Organization

Utilizing an Office 365 application, users can communicate with their co-workers and third-party users without any hindrance. OWA (Outlook Web App) is an eminently utilized email client which consists of all Office 365 plans. This ensures he easy exchange of emails and other important files with enhanced security. MS Office 365 users can also utilize Staffhub or Yammer applications for communicating with colleagues of their enterprise.

What Does MS Office 365 Subscription Cost?

Here, after understanding all the factors, its time to know subscriptions charges for different Office 365 suites. It is depending on the size of your business and number of users. Mainly, each service plan is vary according to individual and organizational requirements. So, let’s have a look:

  • Office 365 Home- $99.99 per year
  • MS Office 365 Personal- $69.99 per year
  • O365 University- $79.99 for four-year
  • Microsoft Office 365 Business- $8.25 per user / per month

Concluding Thoughts

In this article, we emphasized the top 7 reasons why users switch or move to Office 365 today. Here, we focused on the possible factors which are signifiant for the business organizations. Hopefully, after reading this complete post users should not have any doubt about switching to MS Office 365. They should select a suitable O365 subscription plan as per their desire.



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